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Tuesday, July 19

Day 25 - Who are you

Salam ;))

Who me is?? Dugu?? *konon nak speaking korean*duhh

I am me. Sometimes I do get stuck with myself. Sometimes I do ask myself,who I really am.  It just,can we just know it by simply ask to ourself?  Lost with myself which sometimes do not think deeply before doing something. Tend to hurt a person that love me unconciously.  Less mature, but deep in my heart I do need someone to believe with my capabilities.need someone to believe in me. I may not be a person who can say out loud the matters as what I think. I do not know how to convey my feeling to others. Phatetic? Isn't it? What I can tell is that I am me and will always be me. Still  in the process to find myself and to equip the-me with knowledge and experience in order to face a challenging future. I hope others can accept me as it is.

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